Epic Destinies

Kobold Eviction!

Just doing my job sir.

After waking up, the group found that Grigori had left during the night. He went out on his own for personal quest. He said he would catch up as quick as he can.

They were ambushed by kobolds soon after leaving Winterhaven. The fight was fierce, but the group prevailed.

After regrouping, they found a path in the woods, and came to a clearing by a waterfall. There was a large group of kobolds and a magic circle. The group again left victorious, but one of the kobolds ran into the lair to warn someone named Irontooth.

The group has found a total of 9 gold pieces and 40 silver pieces.
They found an obsidian necklace in the shape of a dragon with the symbol of Orcus on it.
The group gained 299xp.


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