Epic Destinies

Starting out

Kobalds and goblins and cultist, oh my.

Smaug spoke with Marla of the Great Church. She informed him that she has been doing research into various demon and death cults. She said that some witnesses saw a group of death cultists traveling towards Winterhaven about a year ago. She is worried that they are up to no good, and asked if he would go investigate. Smaug gathered his friends Grigori, Karla, Logan and Sera.

Along the way, they were attacked by kobolds. The heroes were victorious, with only minor wounds sustained. Each member gained 95xp and the group found 36 silver pieces.

They arrived in Winterhaven without further incident. In the city, they shopped for supplies. They found a Adventures Kit for Smaug. A lantern that Grigori will carry. They spent some money at Wrafton’s Inn buying some dinner, lodgings for the night and drinks to loosen tongues. In the town, they met a number of people. Salvana Wrafton, Eilian the Old, Valthrun the Prescient, Lord Padraig, Ninaran, Delphina Moongem, Sister Linora and Thair Coalstriker.

While looking for info, the group found that most people know of the kobold menace, but don’t think much of it. However, they were commissioned to go to their lair to the south east and wipe out their numbers. If they succeed, they will get paid 100 gold pieces. They were also told that the cultist are in that area, working with the kobolds.

They were also told of a goblin strong hold to the north east. You don’t know why they are gathering numbers there, but the only person being put out by their gathering is Delphina Moongem because that is where she picks her wildflowers.

Lord Padraig gave information on the kobald lair to the South East, he also mentioned that the villagers keep saying they are no problem. Yet there numbers are growing and no one knows why, but the kobalds are attacking everyone on the road to Winterhaven.
Logan spoke with an elf and learned of a goblin lair to the North East, mentioning it is harder to harvest wild flowers from which she makes her money.
A man in robes named Vathrin The Pressident gave information on the keep the elf mentioned. He said he would look on it more when he returned to his tower and give us any information.
A side note we took to a commission on dispatching the kobald lair from Lord Padraig for an award of 100 gold.
Another elf told of the cultists moving around the cave behind a waterfall possibly in league with the kobalds from the South East.

At the end of the session, we had to settle our tab with the barkeep, and had decided to head to the kobald lair since the cultist we were looking for were said to be there, and we would get paid by Lord Padraig for taking out the kobalds.


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